5 Anal Sex Positions For Amateurs

Anal sex is a social taboo all over the world. People hide behind their prejudice towards it. On the contrary, one of the most browsed categories in porn sites is ‘Anal Sex’.  This makes me think that people are not against this kind of butt stimulation, they are just afraid because they are not really sure how to enjoy it. To make sure everybody is able to get the most pleasure from “backyard” sex as it can be really an exquisite experience, I selected my top 5 favorite beginners’ positions for anal, and I am sharing them here with you, guys!

1. Rear Entry Anal Sex

This one is very similar to the well-known spooning. The difference is that you are both not lying on your sides. You are lying on your belly and your partner is above you. Your site is in the same direction.
The position was very suitable for me when I was a beginner like me and my man had a convo before setting some rules. If I grasp his left hand, I feel good, and he might speed up if he needs it. If I scratch his right hand, I am not in my full comfort, and I need him to slow down. Without even a word, we found this way to customize this pose, and it worked perfectly well for us!

2. Turtle

This is a position for those trying butt play for their first time. It is usually suitable for people who enjoy being submissive as it gives more power to their partner. This is how they are going to feel like it is their territory when they are actually trying something completely new.
The turtle is very nice for beginners as it gives a full opening of their butt, and this makes the penetration much faster and easier. Having this advantage, a good lube and some foreplay, there is no way you do not get the best of anal sex!

3. Lap Dance

The Lap dance pose is not one of those super lazy positions. However, comfort is paid by actions. You will be the one doing a lot for your own pleasure. The good about this position for you as a beginner is that you have all the control. You can choose the speed and depth of penetration. It is only on you to find your way to the preferred intensity of this type of sex!
A wonderful thing about this position is that you might use it as a surprise. Imagine that he is chilling on the couch and you decide to star the sparkle a little. You start dancing in his lap and the dance turns into anal sex! If this is not a good surprise, I really do not know what is!

4. Cowgirl/ Reversed Cowgirl

This is another “work bitch” position. You are supposed to take all the control in your hands and find what your personal preferences really are. This is one of the advantages of this position. The other one is that, again, a very good path to your butt opens and makes the penetration much easier.
This is probably one of the best anal sex positions not only for beginners but generally for more experienced people, too. It is very pleasurable for both partners if they relax and let themselves just enjoy it! Both the classic cowgirl and the reversed position work so well!

5. Viennese oyster

This is a little less popular position for butt play. People usually use it for G-spot stimulation. You are supposed to lay on your back, and your partner pins your ankles to your ears… Yeah, a few yoga classes would surely help if you are not very flexible.
Just like the positions mentioned above, this one is very suitable for beginners as it provides an angle for easy penetration. What is different? You have basically no control over the situation. This is the reason why many people prefer it when they get very experienced in backyard games, too. They can enjoy another variety of submissions!

  When we say “anal sex”, most people imagine doggie style sex, but obviously there are so many other positions you can enjoy. Boredom is out of any question! All that you need to start practicing anal sex is a close talk with your partner and enthusiasm. A good silicone-based lube might be very useful to avoid the misconception that butt games are painful. I am not saying it will not be the very first time, but what you have to do is just give it a try one more time, and you will see how things get much more pleasurable.

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